PR and content

PR and content

We regard content marketing as an evolution of public relations. Enabled by the proliferation of mobile devices and increasingly faster and more available connectivity, people now carry businesses and brands with them everywhere.

We combine the public relations disciplines of reputation management, via media relations, with content marketing, creating direct communication with target audiences via text, video and imagery.

Integrating public relations activity and content marketing contributes directly to effective search engine optimisation and provides powerful source material for social media activity.

We combine content marketing with reputation management to provide an enhanced public relations service which delivers greater commercial effectiveness.

It means we can create enhanced emotional engagement with a brand’s target audiences, underpinned by the rational benefits of improved online visibility and the leads and enquiries that generates.

Case studies


Giant jigsaw pieces being pushed together

Harnessing the hybrid: Why combining PR and content marketing is crucial

The importance of PR and content marketing in the delivery of key marketing strategies is well-known, but all too often these two disciplines operate in silos, working towards different goals…

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What’s in store for PR and content in 2017?

With a new year comes new opportunities, new ways of thinking and new ways of working, and in the digital landscape there are generally more developments than anywhere. The world…

PR content

Why PR and content marketing are a powerful combination

There is no single magic formula for raising awareness of your brand. Anyone claiming that they can boost your profile overnight, shoot you up the search rankings in a week…

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Public relations and content marketing: A match made in heaven

Three years ago we created the position of head of content within Brand8 PR. We believe we were the first pure play PR agency in Leeds to do so. Why…

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