Corporate & B2B PR

Corporate & B2B PR

Our approach to corporate and B2B PR is focused on helping your business to grow and achieve its commercial objectives.

By delivering PR campaigns that showcase your company’s capabilities, achievements and expertise, your brand will benefit from greater awareness, attract customers and enhance relationships with key stakeholders

Our team has a wealth of experience in corporate communications, media relations, trade and technical PR, and issues and crisis management all of which can be combined to improve your business’s reputation and communicate the benefits it can bring to its customers.

Corporate communications

Growing businesses are full of success stories and your corporate communications strategy is key to ensuring the right people hear about these successes at the right times and through the most effective channels.

From launching a new product to detailing the success of a recent client project or announcing your business’s latest senior appointment, our team of corporate communications specialists are highly adept at creating engaging press releases, case studies statements and announcements to demonstrate your success.

Media relations

The media can play a crucial role in helping you communicate your message to your target audience. Our extensive media relations experience means we know exactly how to pitch your story to a journalist to maximise media coverage, as well as being able to manage any inbound media enquiries concerning your business.

We all recognise that things don’t always go to plan and when that is the case, and a crisis communications strategy needs to be put in place. We can quickly establish how to manage your message and its distribution to minimise the impact on your brand’s reputation.


The ever-evolving nature of 24-hour news means developments affecting your industry and your business emerge all the time. Our close monitoring of the news agenda allows us to be the eyes and ears of your business, helping to identify opportunities to comment on breaking news in a way which reflects well on your business and its spokespeople. By taking this approach, we have secured countless pieces of online national media coverage for our clients, as well as live TV and radio appearances.

Thought leadership

The expertise held by the people within your business can often be the difference between you and your closest competitor. By devising a PR strategy with thought leadership at its core, we can help your business share expert advice, valued opinion, and detailed technical guidance to show exactly why yours is the business your prospects need to be working with.



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