Measuring the impact of PR is key to establishing the return on your investment.

We recognise that PR evaluation is far from a mere box ticking exercise, but rather, that it can be used to determine the success of any campaign and inform future PR strategies.

At Brand8 PR, we offer the unique combination of our very own proprietary PR evaluation system coupled with a firm grasp of data analytics. This means we can not only advise you on what a successful PR campaign should look like, but that we can also measure public relations effectiveness upon the completion of any campaign.

Ultimately, this ensures all stakeholders within your business can understand the most effective PR tactics, the impact they have had on your business, and how they may be refined in the future to further improve impact.

Evalu8: Our proprietary PR evaluation system

Evalu8 is our proprietary evaluation system, which enables us to provide you with clear metrics regarding the value and effectiveness of our integrated approach to PR, content marketing, social media and search. In short, it is this approach to measuring PR that allows us to show the impact any activity has had on your business.

The system enables us to understand and measure the links between traditional media coverage, content published on owned media channels, social media amplification and the impact on your brand’s search rankings.

The results and data obtained through Evalu8 help us determine actionable insights to shape future activity. This ensures a constantly evolving evaluation and reporting process, which tracks the true return on investment of PR and content marketing campaigns.