TOMRA Norway Norway’s TOMRA appoints Brand8 PR to global corporate brief 10/09/2016
Garbutt + Elliott managing partner Russell Turner Brand8 PR adds accountancy firm Garbutt + Elliott to client roster 10/08/2016
Northgate van UK’s largest van and commercial vehicle hire company Northgate appoints Brand8 PR 23/06/2016
Lansinoh Global breastfeeding brand Lansinoh appoints Brand8 PR 07/08/2015
Sanderson Weatherall National chartered surveyor Sanderson Weatherall appoints Brand8 PR 04/03/2015
Sovereign Health Care Employee We’re feeling good about Sovereign Health Care 20/03/2014
Xeros washing machine manufacturer Revolutionary washing machine manufacturer Xeros appoints Brand8 PR agency Leeds 30/01/2014
Bupa Care Home Awards Bupa Care Home Awards rated ‘excellent’ 31/10/2013
Beauty products What a beauty PR account win! 04/09/2013
TOMRA Sorting Food International PR campaign for TOMRA Sorting Food 24/07/2013
Nuba Cocktails Raising a glass to Nuba Cocktails 11/07/2013
Bupa employees Launching the inaugural Bupa Care Home Awards 21/05/2013
Torque truck Talking logistics public relations for Torque 01/05/2013
Quartermile Edinburgh Record sales at Quartermile Edinburgh 24/04/2013
Avant Homes National homebuilder Avant Homes appoints Brand8 PR 17/04/2012
White Rose Shopping Centre Brand8 PR scoops a merit at Purple Apple awards 23/06/2011
Brand8 PR shopping channel Pavers launches world’s first 24-hour shoe shopping channel 06/06/2011

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