Six top tips to maximise your Instagram Reels performance

Six top tips to maximise your Instagram Reels performance

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Written by Lucy Wilson

With Instagram beginning to test making every video posted to the platform a Reel, it’s important to consider Reels as part of your wider social media strategy.

The social media platform has recently noted that Reels now make up more than 20 per cent of the time that people spend on Instagram, proving it is more popular now than ever.

TikTok is now a global phenomenon for online users, and its influence has changed the way people view and engage with content on social media. As such, Instagram has acted to create a more responsive way for its users to view video content every day.

Instagram has announced a new set of tips to help maximise your Reels performance and provide more inspiration to get the most from your short-form video clips. Take a look at these top six tips below on how to make the most of Reels and help your brand showcase engagement content to your audience.

1. Nail the hook

Instagram advises that brands’ objectives should be front of mind, so highlight your brand within the first few seconds of your Reels clips.

Meta’s Will Yoder made a point about how almost no one who interacts with your content is seeing it on your profile. Rather than focusing on grid stunts, Yoder’s advice is to focus exclusively on feed content and how people are interacting with it.

With this advice in mind, it’s important to solely concentrate on the Reel you’re about to post, and not how it might affect your previous grid content.

2. Creativity

Reels are designed to get your creative juices flowing with the additional tools of audio and effects. Instagram recommends experimenting with transitions and speed to both entertain your viewers and show off the brand’s personality.

However, creativity requires testing and development, so it may take some time to come up with more engaging and original ways to video your content. To achieve this, consider different presentation styles and take inspiration from watching content from other brands and creators.

3. Match the rhythm

Music has been a key component in the meteoric rise of TikTok, with Instagram noting that over 80 per cent of Reels are viewed with sound on, showing how important audio is to a Reel.

Synching your content to music can play a big role in maximising your content performance. Instagram also suggests using auto-captions to boost engagement and further widen your audience.

4. Keep it on trend

A key part of Reels engagement is aligning with the organic feel of the feed, which involves being aware of the latest trends and then choosing the right ones to engage with.

Instagram advises to encourage your audience to remix your Reels, or spark a conversation with them in the comments section and try adding relevant hashtags to optimise exposure for your content.

Yoder notes that all Instagram users interact with the app differently, with some focusing on Stories, and others on the main feed, or increasingly, Reels. It’s important to experiment, iterate and test to appeal to all of your followers to stay relevant on your platform.

5. Explore collaborations

External influencers can really boost engagement and activity, as they’re already experienced and skilled creators. This can be a great way to boost your brand story in ways that you hadn’t thought of.

Instagram saw that campaigns which included Branded Content ads saw an impressive 123 per cent lift in awareness, a 112 per cent lift in association, and a 67 per cent lift in consideration and motivation. These figures show how powerful influencers are in terms of more engagement, authenticity and awareness, and knowing what works for brands.

Yoder says it’s worth brands capitalising on these moments, rather than trying to find clever posting strategies and tricks.

6. Be authentic

Creating authentic content works best in short-form videos, by producing Reels that are true to you and reflect your brand values. Making video content that is real and unpolished also provides a deeper connection with your viewers, helping them to further content with your brand ethos and approach.

Upping your Instagram game

The rise of Instagram Reels is changing how video content is consumed on the platform. These six top tips will help you integrate reels into your social strategy and expand your overall Instagram presence through the constantly evolving social media app.


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