Why Google’s testing of multiple featured snippets is good news for your business

Why Google’s testing of multiple featured snippets is good news for your business

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Written by Lucy Wilson

Google has been recently spotted testing out new formats and layouts for its featured snippet slot in the search results.

Since 2018, Google has branched out from its single-source featured snippets and introduced multi-dimensional highlighted snippets for select queries. Now, the search engine giant is expanding further and trying different layouts to display multiple featured snippets, of up to four different sources.

Some tests have been seen showing a range of variations including block and list view featured snippets. Users are now exposed to a completely new design when they search in Google, which may either excite or confuse users with the multiple options they can now choose from.

When Google starts displaying two or more sources in the featured snippet position – also known as “position zero” – it changes how valuable that position is for site owners and SEOs.

What does this mean for your businesses and its content profile?

The widespread introduction of a multiple featured snippet featured would mean good news for businesses. It could potentially boost the chances of your business’s content appearing at the top of Google searches in the featured snippet area and help bolster both brand awareness and website traffic.

By Google changing its layout and showing more than one featured snippet, it can also impact your click-through rate on specific non-branded search queries. As a result, this could help support an increase in your traffic and conversions from Google Search.

Users are most likely to trust and click on results that are included in the featured snippets, so it’s a good opportunity for businesses to aim to share that “approved by Google” slot with the extra snippets.

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