Creating a community through Instagram


Avant Homes is pioneering change in the UK housebuilding industry by constantly challenging the status quo.

With a mission of becoming the homebuilder of choice in the North, we were tasked with building a long-term organic social media strategy that would increase Avant Homes’ customer acquisition, and positive sentiment, while also creating a strong community.



As part of an ongoing social media strategy, Instagram was identified as the channel which had the greatest potential to deliver the required results to match the brand’s core goals.

To build a solid foundation we knew that a focus on content that was relevant, insightful, and personal was necessary, bridging the gap between the business and its customers. Customer engagement also played a significant role in this strategy, with user generated content (UGC) engaged with and shared consistently. This content is also showcased on Avant Life, the brand’s own media outlet.



Over a one-year period, we achieved the following:

  • 190 per cent increase in followers
  • 330 per cent increase in engagements
  • 1,622.96 per cent increase in post saves
  • 89 per cent increase in comments
  • 201 per cent increase in Instagram bio link clicks