Why we’re doing the Truffle Shuffle about Truffle Pig

Why we’re doing the Truffle Shuffle about Truffle Pig

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Written by Rob Smith

This month saw Brand8 PR celebrate its fifth birthday. This week, it also saw the launch of global digital content agency Truffle Pig.

One of these events was marked by a lavish gathering on a yacht in Cannes, the other by a day and night on the tiles in Liverpool. However, despite the vast differences in budget to celebrate these special occasions, our agencies’ propositions are not wildly dissimilar.

When I started Brand8 PR, I used a diagram in pitches (see below) to illustrate how we integrate traditional PR, digital, social and search to deliver ‘next generation’ public relations. Very Star Trek, I know.

This was before content marketing had become fully appreciated as the only credible, effective way to communicate with super-informed, constantly-connected people you’d like to sell to. Today, I still use the same diagram.

That’s because an integrated, content-led approach to marketing is even more important today, and that trend will continue. When Truffle Pig was announced this week, I emailed a client to say Sorrell & Co had taken the idea of content marketing, given it steroids and blasted it into space.

With global creative, publishing and social media powerhouses combining to create the mother of content marketing agencies, it validates the approach Brand8 PR has been advocating and implementing since we started. I want to make it clear that I’m not comparing us to Truffle Pig.

Far from it. They have potential to become one of the most powerful agencies on the planet and have very big fish to fry. Our ambitions are slightly less lofty.

But whatever happens, watching what Truffle Pig says and does will be both fascinating and informative, not just for us as an agency, but for all businesses and brands.

At Brand8 PR, we’ll continue to seek out the latest content marketing developments, capitalising on behalf of our clients on technology, trends and techniques applicable to them.

Most importantly, we will continue to deliver integrated content marketing strategies that understand the need to engage, interact and inspire in order to sell. And I think that’s altogether worth doing a Truffle Shuffle for.