Five top tips to create highly sharable content on your social channels in 2023

Five top tips to create highly sharable content on your social channels in 2023

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Written by Lucy Wilson

If you’re looking to reach a larger audience with your brand message, creating highly sharable content that people love on social media is critical.

Social media is a powerful tool which creates an opportunity to initiate and maintain a conversation with your targets, unlike most forms of customer outreach and branding.

This, in turn, lets you speak directly to your audience, address their needs and explain why your brand offers the best knowledge, expertise or solution.

I’ve broken down my top five tips below on how to create content that will get your audience’s attention and drive that highly sought-after engagement across your social channels.


With 32.5 per cent of marketers saying they use infographics more than any other type of visual in their content marketing efforts, it’s clear that this type of content resonates with audiences.

Infographics present information in an easily understood and digestible format, allowing the everyday reader to fully grasp the content.

Used as visual storytelling tools, common uses of infographics include timelines, statistics, flowcharts, comparisons such as pros and cons, and maps.

2. How-to guides

How-to guides are incredibly shareable on social media, as most people are very grateful for any tips that can help them save time or energy.

Users appreciate learning a new or better way to do things and want to share this new knowledge with their social and business circles, which makes how-to guides a key component of content and social strategy.

Whether they’re videos, blog posts, or even infographics, step-by-step guides have the ability to help audiences understand products or processes better.

3. Lists/Listicles

A listicle (an article made of a list) is a great way to generate social traction.

For example, this blog itself is a listicle. It sets expectations upfront and instantly tells you what the article is about and what you’ll will learn from reading it – and most importantly, it’s concise!

A listicle is also scannable, which is appealing to readers with a study from 2019 finding that web users only read around 20 per cent of the words on a page. Most people are skimming for the highlights and main points of an article, which list posts make clear

4. Videos

Videos are effective and highly shareable. This type of content is extremely easy to consume, it engages, entertains, and informs the audience in a familiar format.

With a UK study from 2021 finding that the average person watches 100 minutes of online videos per day, it’s no wonder that marketers place video at the heart of their marketing strategy.

Videos glues eyes to screens, and ultimately generates a lot of shares. They can grab our attention too across varying forms and topics, whether that be presentations, vlogs, tutorials, tours, webinars or customer testimonials.

5. Interactive content

Thanks to the evolution of social media, people expect to be able to engage with content now. From quizzes to playable ads to polls, the internet age has led to an audience that wants to be part of the narrative, not just listen to it.

Giving your audience an experience, rather than just something to read can help drive more engagement and result in more exposure for your brand.

Upping your choice of content

The social space is highly competitive, especially now with the meteoric boom of TikTok, and has become a battlefield to get users to engage with your content.

However, through creating shareable content like I’ve listed above, these top tips will help you integrate this type of engaging content into your social media strategy.


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