Why Twitter’s new podcast feature should be in your social and content strategy

Why Twitter’s new podcast feature should be in your social and content strategy

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Written by Josh Westerman

With podcasting growing faster than ever, Twitter looks set to test a dedicated tab for podcasts. According to Statista Research Department, as of 2021 there were over 19.1 million podcast listeners in the UK, showing it’s a very attractive form of content for your brand.

Podcast listenership has increased considerably in the last decade, with over 850,000 active podcasts reported in 2021, marking a 20 per cent growth compared to 2020. With estimates of 28 million listeners tuning in by 2026, the audience is growing steadily as the popularity of podcast increases.

Twitter’s podcast journey

Twitter first began branching out to audio when it launched Spaces in 2020, followed by its acquisition of social podcast platform Breaker. Spaces allows any user to create chatrooms, allowing all mobile users to record conversations.

The most recent audio integration, Breaker, enables users to also like and comment on any episodes, helping to build engagement and community. Although both platforms introduced audio features on Twitter, any recordings created only stay on for 30 days, meaning listeners have to rush to tune in before the time runs out.

If a Twitter podcast feature is anything like Spotify or Apple podcasts, users would be able to choose from and listen to podcasts at their leisure with no time limit.

Why podcasts are beneficial

Twitter having this feature means that brands utilising podcasts can create direct links to their podcasts from the social media platform. The addition will provide another way for your brand to build audience around your content.

One of the major benefits of podcasting is that it’s accessible to all. Industry experts can share insights with their target audiences in an easily digestible manner, making it perfect for an on-the-go and time-poor audience. On top of that, it’s a great way for brands to showcase their authority, knowledge and expertise.

Bolster your podcasting game

Podcasting has rejuvenated the act of formal storytelling, strengthening relationships between different businesses and consumers.

If you’re looking to up your podcasting game, contact us today to learn more about how we can help boost engagement and discovery of your content.