TikTok set to introduce new photo sharing app to rival Instagram

TikTok set to introduce new photo sharing app to rival Instagram

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Written by Jack Anderson

Social media giant TikTok has announced it has another app in the works – one which focuses on photo and text sharing, which marks a different direction from its legacy platform’s content format.

But what do we know, what has been revealed so far and what might this mean for the social media sphere?

Confirmed details

In a statement from the company, TikTok revealed that it is working on a ‘dedicated space’ for users to share images and text.

It coincided with TikTok users receiving notifications that their posts containing photos would also be published to a new ‘TikTok Notes’ app.

Users had the option to opt out of this, but the move indicates that the company are in the early testing phase of the new app.

The app design and release date have not been finalised yet.

The big question – why?

A ‘copycat’ phenomenon has been observed between social media apps in recent times, with large corporations largely following in the footsteps of their competition.

Instagram’s introduction of Threads and Reels to rival Twitter/X and TikTok, respectively, highlights this.

While the social media community may not be desperate for another photo and text sharing app, the strategy may instead form part of TikTok’s response to the US passing legislation that could see the video-sharing app banned.

The implication

As of now, it seems TikTok’s latest app is not close to launching, so there is no need for immediate action from businesses with a social media presence.

However, considering the rapid rise and subsequent market dominance of TikTok, it would be wise to keep an ear close to the ground for future updates.

TikTok as a video sharing app is unique for the way its algorithm facilitates virality, so a photo-based social media application that mirrors this experience could set it apart from the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter/X.

If launched successfully, considering TikTok Notes as integral to future social media marketing plans could be a must for anyone involved in the industry.


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