Media relations

Media relations

We understand the power of endorsement by respected journalists, bloggers and media outlets.

Our media relations strategies positively influence perceptions and behaviours towards brands, products and services and increase customer engagement.

Case studies


close up newspapers folded and stacked background on the table

How to write effectively for the media

When I was younger I always wanted to be a journalist, and the media still holds a bit of magic and mystery appeal to me now. Great articles are economical…

The power of PR: seven steps to consider when planning an effective campaign

It’s easy to identify a successful PR campaign – it’s something that surprises us, makes us think and starts a conversation. PR ultimately has the power to transform a brand…

Newsjacking: what it is and how you can use it for successful campaigns

To help execute a successful PR campaign, an effective tactic you can implement is newsjacking. Coined by American marketing strategist, David Meerman Scott, newsjacking is the practice of injecting your…

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