Media relations

Media relations

We understand the power of endorsement by respected journalists, bloggers and media outlets.

Our media relations strategies positively influence perceptions and behaviours towards brands, products and services and increase customer engagement.

Case studies


Coca Cola logo

Coca Cola would like to teach the world to kill the press release

Ashley Brown, Coca Cola’s global group director of digital communications and social media, recently made a bold statement: Coca Cola intends to ‘kill the press release’. Brown explained that by…

Vine logo

Public relations in six seconds

Public relations in six seconds by Brand8 PR #ContentMarketing — Brand8 PR (@Brand8PR) September 10, 2014

Man in dangerous thoughts

The danger of tenuous brand marketing

Creating campaigns and content to tie in with big events and news stories has been a staple of PR and marketing for many years. It is a sound strategy, but also something of…


Why reputation management is even more important than you think

The old adage that ‘image is everything’ is arguably more true than ever in a business environment where everything is under constant scrutiny and the minutiae of a company’s dealings…

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