Our experiential PR activity has ranged from discrete and effective business seminars to large-scale consumer-focused events in cities and shopping centres.

The experiential activity we undertake is consistently focused on enhancing brand equity and delivering return on investment.

Case study


Seasonal marketing

How can I boost my Christmas marketing campaign?

With competition greater than at any other point of the year, Christmas presents a major opportunity but also a significant challenge for marketers. The key to success is not simply…

Aldi and Lidl logos

Savvy shoppers and budget brands are here to stay

Fast growing supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have been making headlines for all the right reasons lately. More shoppers than ever before are filling their trolleys to the brim at the…

Evolving PR online strategy

We want it all, and we want it now

One of the UK’s biggest selling fashion magazines, Look, publishes an “instantly shoppable and fully interactive” print issue. This allows readers to directly buy featured products using their smartphone, tablet…

Le Tour de France Yorkshire

Le Tour: Yorkshire’s perfect PR platform

Houses were covered in polka dots, hundreds of bikes were painted yellow and thousands of people bought official merchandise. Preparations for the world’s biggest cycle race were momentous, and everyone…

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