5 quick tips to make Google happy

5 quick tips to make Google happy

Written by Rob Smith

Companies across the world have come to accept that Google has a more significant say in their fate than they could possibly have imagined and – as such – keeping the internet giant happy needs to be at the forefront of any company’s digital marketing plan.

Although the key to rankings success is complex, time-consuming and ever-evolving, there are five tips that can be implemented almost immediately to help get Google on your side.

Quality content

A decade ago, you could get away with stuffing a random article full of keywords related to your business and then watch as you were rocketed up search engine results pages (SERPs), but these days are long gone.

A raft of algorithms and updates has seen Google transform the way that it ranks companies, and chief among these is the need for all content produced to be of a high quality.

Well-written material that is relevant to the industry, consumer base and company itself will be looked on far more positively by Google and help to curry longer-lasting favour.

Targeted keywords

Although keyword usage is less integral than in years gone by, it still plays a major role in helping content to perform and ensure it is attracting the right kind of attention, all of which helps to bolster a SERP ranking.

Structured and data-driven keyword research will show you what is most likely to get eyes on your website, product and services, and can play a key role in supporting your content.

Be unique

Google loves unique content, and so do your current and potential customers – so avoid the temptation to jump on the back of a trend and regurgitate existing content.

If a topic has been done to death on other platforms, there will be little appetite for it remaining, and Google may even penalise you for retreading old ground.

Producing original, unique content is always the best way to influence Google, and also a simple matter of best practice.

Stay active

Although it can be tempting to publish a large batch of content on your website and simply leave it to prosper, the best approach is the same as when going on a diet – little and often.

Regularly updating your site with fresh content will help it to stand apart from the crowd and shows Google that you are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve and are therefore a site that is worth visiting.

Strong social presence

The best content in the world will not perform if it has not been promoted, and so an effective social media strategy is vital.

Posting at the right time, in the right places, to the right audience, is essential for drawing visitors to your content and website in general, and showing Google that your site is generating traffic and debate.

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